Swarga Research

About This Site

This is the home of Swarga Research on the World Wide Web. On these pages you will find descriptions of several of my electronics hobby projects and related information. I have been designing software for embedded microcontrollers professionally for over a decade. I am as interested in high-performance cars as I am in high-performance computing. These pages document some of my efforts to combine these two passions.

Note: Although I have done the occasional web development project here and there, I am not a web designer. The purpose of these pages is not to showcase my (lack of) skill with web technology; this site is simply a means to an end. As such, you will not find pages overflowing with javascript, nor any clever PHP scripts to generate web pages on-the-fly - heck, your browser doesn't even need to accept cookies. What you will find are straightforward descriptions of the hobby projects I have been working on for the past few years. I hope you find the information interesting, useful, and perhaps even inspiring. :) 

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